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No one should be forgotten at Christmas...
The approaching holiday season brings no joy for Elenora Gregory. Isolated and forgotten, she ekes out a meagre existence for herself and her mother, but with no money for even ordinary comforts, a Christmas celebration is far beyond her reach. How can others have so much when her life is so empty?
Amid the whirl of holiday preparations, Edwin Langton can't forget the face of the girl in the red cloak. Enlisting the help of his siblings, he quickly discovers the truth of her need. Can they find a way to make Christmas brighter for the lonely little family?
As the Langtons prepare their surprises, Elenora resigns herself to another cold, lonely holiday. But will their presents be the greatest gift she receives on Christmas Day?

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This short story is available on Dropbox as a PDF, ePub, & Mobi. (You can't preview the Mobi but you can download it.) If you don't have Dropbox, try this link: PDF.


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